Iranian Christian Prisoners Prevented from Celebrating Easter

Unofficial sources report that the Intelligence Service of the Islamic regime of Iran has prevented Christian prisoners from celebrating Easter.

Mohabat News – The Islamic regime’s Intelligence Service has addressed a secret letter to the Iranian Prisons Organization instructing them to prevent Christian prisoners from celebrating Easter.

Maf News reports that an anonymous source indicated that a letter has been sent out to the Prisons Organization ordering them to “cooperate with intelligence officers in preventing Christian prisoners from celebrating Easter”. The letter mentions Easter as a foreign tradition!

Many Christians are in Iranian prisons for their faith and many have reluctantly left the country due to intense pressure by the Islamic government of Iran.

In a similar story, Mohabat News reported earlier that Rajaei-Shahr prison organized a Christmas/New Year celebration for prisoners on December 30 and banned a number of Christian prisoners serving their sentence there from attending the celebration.

The Islamic regime of Iran claims that it respects the rights of religious minorities as well as their privacy. However, this claim has been proved wrong over and over again as the Islamic regime continues to oppress religious minorities, including Christians.

The prison authorities’ treatment of Christians in preventing them from celebrating the resurrection of their Lord, is an indicator of the Iranian regime’s overall policy toward Christians and other religious minorities.