Hunger Strike by Ebrahim firuzi, the converted Christian in Rajai Shahr prison, Karaj city

A group of political prisoners went on a hunger strike on July 30, 2017, in objection to getting beaten and sent to a different ward in Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj.

As reported by “Mohabat News” a group of prisoners in Rajai Shahr in “Gogardasht” area in Karaj City went on a hunger strike on July 30, 2017, to show their objections of being beaten in prison and their forceful transfer to a different ward. Among these prisoners who have been reported to be ten inmates in total, Ebrahim Firuzi’s name, the converted Christian, has also been mentioned. Reports say that these strikers in Rajai Shahr prison, do not seem to have many demands. They just try to get their basic rights of having daily breaks to get fresh air or having their personal stuff back like their clothes, books, blankets and also having access to the prison shop. Some of these prisoners range in age between 17 and 22 years old and have spent most of their lives in prison. All they own is their belongings that comprise of their clothes, books, and blankets and some limited personal hygiene products. Their condition is so bad that some of the political activists are reacting to their situation in prison.

Zhila Bani Yaghoub a critic and journalist wrote in a tweet that: “none of the physicians at Rajai Shahr’s Health Care center are allowed to enter the ward to check on these strikers.”

The food strike of these prisoners has had a great worldwide impact. BBC wrote that refrigerators, televisions and food items of these prisoners have not been transferred to the 10th ward and according to the orders of prison director, the political prisoners and the prisoners of conscience are only allowed to use the government rations. The prisoner’s access to drinking water has also been limited as the water purifier and water cooler is not transferred to this ward.

Ebrahim Firuzi has been arrested many times, being accused of violating national security laws by converting to Christianity and promoting the “Christian religion”.
This converted Christian was sentenced to 5 years’ prison by the 28th branch of Islamic Revolutionary Court headed by Judge Maghiseh in April 2015.

His trial was on March 8, 2015, in the 28th branch of Islamic Revolutionary Court presided by Judge Maghiseh and where he met his lawyer for the first time.

He has a very difficult situation in prison, not only compared to other prisoners of conscience but also compared with political prisoners. The Court did not even allow him to submit his documents to defend himself last year.

Ebrahim Firuzi has mentioned many times in his own defence and interviews that the Information Ministry had intended on profiling his case in 2014. And that’s the reason why the court is concerned about these documents to enter the court sessions and proving him innocent./ FARSI