About Us :  

We are a group of Bible believing Christians who believe in propagating the word of God. All of us at “Mohabat News Agency” have made the spreading of the good news of God’s love and forgiveness among Iranians and the Farsi speaking peoples of Afghanistan and Tajikistan our primary goal.

Mohabat New Agency, the news agency of Iranian Christians, is NOT affiliated with any Christian or non-Christian organizations. We are a team of professionals who have accumulated years of experience in the gathering, interpreting, and dissemination of news. Our experience arises from years of experience in the field of Christian news and other topics of interest to our Farsi-speaking peoples.

Mohabat News has turned this experience into the voice of the persecuted church of Iran to reach the ears of the world community.

Moreover, we are utilizing this gifting that the lord has placed in our hearts to bring awareness of what is happening in the world to our Farsi-speaking readers. Thus we can help our Christian and non-Christian Iranians raise their awareness of what goes in our world and in their own country.

Mohabat News will continue to act as a cultural and social bridge between the world community and the peoples of Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan and to better inform the worldwide Church of Jesus Christ and Christian ministries around the world about the life and the welfare of Christian minorities in these Farsi-speaking countries.


Briefly, our ministry vision is as follows:

1. Evangelization of Iranians in and out Iran and other Farsi-speaking peoples through the publishing of Christian news from around the world.

2. The publishing of news related to the persecution of Christians around the world for the Iranian population inside Iran who, due to repressive methods and censorship of world news, are not receiving accurate information.

3. To reach out one hundred million Farsi-speaking Muslims with the Gospel through demonstrating the truth of God’s word in current news and reports. Moreover, to show seekers how to access the pure and precious word of God through introduction to local churches and missionary organizations.

4. To show the real face of extremist Islam and to show it has weaknesses in order to free Farsi-speaking people who, because of venerating the Quran and Islamic law, have become over-zealous and prejudiced. This blind zeal in many instances has become an obstacle to hearing the living word of God.

5. To build a bridge with Iranians in the areas of offering solutions to religious, legal, and refugee matters which many are dealing with. To connect and network with Iranians who have left Iran and are spending time in neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, and United Emirate awaiting immigration to a safe country.

6. To provide information and services to house-churches inside Iran and to provide them access to quality Christian material and Bible courses as well as transferring the experience of other churches around the world from establishing house-churches.

7. To enlighten the church at large of the real nature of the so called great revival inside Iran.

8. To provide accurate and reliable information about the status of Christians’ persecution in Iran and to human rights organizations and organizations dedicated to the immigration and relocation of Christian refugees.

9. To provide an umbrella of support to persecuted Christians in Iran especially those in prison and to assure them that they are not alone and forgotten and they are being supported and defended.

10. To provide financial and legal support to the Christian prisoners and their families and to provide guidance in matters of finding the proper defence and legal representation and access to human rights organizations.

In Summary, our goal is provide and to transmit information about God’s word through the transmission of news. Please support us through your prayers, guidance, and financial help us challenge and penetrate one of Satan’s most securely guarded fronts.